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2013: Shop closed until further notice.

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Everything can be found in these folders:

§ Main Sales Folder

§ BL Sales Folder

* Note: specials - for every 10 BL postcards purchased, get one free (of lowest value).


Find these and more in my folders!

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All item sales are subject to availability, please place your order and I will check on stock. Most of the time, I only have ONE item in stock!

If you can't see the price or have any other questions, feel free to ask. Still testing out the usability of a photobucket filing format.

To Order:

When requesting items please comment here using the following format:

* Item link (or #/description) -
* Shipping preference & location (see link below for info) -
* Payment preference (see link below for info) -
* email/paypal addy (you may request for your post to be screened once I've read it) -

Alternatively - you may email me [click/hold your mouse over 'email']

Note: my journal has been set to allow LJ members to comment only to reduce spam, please make sure you log in to comment.

Selling & Shipping information:

I ship from New Zealand and am willing to send all over the world.
Please take a look at my  selling information page before ordering for my payment and holds policy + shipping information.

Order Status & Feedback:

Here you can find my feedback and check the status of your order.

Selling Information

Please Read Prior to Placing Orders!!!

General FAQ:

★ Prices: in USD (excludes shipping).

★ Holds: may consider on a case by case basis.

★ Location/feedback: I live in New Zealand and have excellent (100% positive) feedback as a trusted seller / buyer on Trademe (NZ equivalent of Ebay): My TM feedbacks, My Store feedbacks

★ How to order: request in relevant threads or email me [click/hold your mouse over 'email']

★ Discounts: I will consider if you are purchasing in bulk (please don't be offended if I decline your offer)

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Order Status & Feedbacks

This page helps me keep track of the status of each order. Please also leave your feedbacks about how the sale went/arrival of items here. Thanks!
New page - due to my having accidentally deleted the other one ^^;
I had 3 pageful (about 70+) of 100% +ve feedbacks!!! T_T
From this new post: 103 +ve (some are no longer visible when their owners deleted their journal)

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My buyer feedbacks are here <-- I've purchased a lot more than this but I've never been very strict on asking for feedbacks when I purchase ^^;