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Here's a list of items that I actively collect/am looking for:

I AM PICKY!!! NEED TO BE Legitimate JP release  (NOT BOOTLEG! NOT US!)
- interested in the doujin artbooks by Yun Kouga - Tornado (I have #2 and #4)
Shoujo (maybe)

- none at the moment...


- DJ by Fylus (who does code geass DJ) - specifically want the non-JP ones that was sold on Deviant ART.
- Code Geass kitty DJ by Tear-la (these should be relatively cheap)
- non-Naruto DJ by Naked Ape
- Ryuu no yuigon DJs by Kitasato Senju/Q.B. fox

- Avengers Yaoi DJ *frostiron pairing only* - also, if you see them for sale elsewhere, please let me know.

- OOP Yaoi manga (in English)? NO BB ones please, I already have their entire inventory.

I found these when I was digging through my anime collection - brings back fond memories ^^
They are official Banpresto keychain figurines
I should have gotten the rest when they were on sale but these were my fav characters :) Now I'm after the entire set of 5.
The ones I'm looking for are Saitou, Sojiro, and Kenshin. Must come with the tags as seen in photo.

I'm not looking to spend to much on these but will consider if the price is right **low priority**

Post cards and Clear files
Mostly Yaoi - check out my 2 Yaoi sections!
Post cards
Other Yaoi items
Also shoujo ones but I'm picky!

Pencil boards / shitajiki

I have lots, but am quite selective.
Please note that I am a BIG collector of shitajiki - therefore I have a fair idea of the value of the items below - please make REASONABLE offers if you have something you'd like to sell me!

Wanted especially:
- K-books/C-queen/C-king variety
- Rare CLAMP ones - especially the very very rare X ones.
- 12 Kingdoms
- Yaoi series
- Matsuri Hino series
- Kaori Yuki series
- Mayu Shinjo series
- Yuu Watase series

- Sailor Moon series (anime/manga style only)

Will try to compile a list of the ones I already have. In the meantime, please check out my shitajiki section (for sale) - these I already own or am not interested in.

My Shitajiki Collection section (i.e. items I already own) - under construction...

The ones below are especially welcome!
(note some of these are 2 pics of 1 board)

Photobucket Photobucket  Photobucket Photobucket
      Photobucket Photobucket

The following I'm interested in only if its a good deal :)

also want the Saiyuki Reload mini pencilboards that came with the Geneon release - wanted ones for vols: 2-5 (I think - please include photograph) - please note that I view US / other Asian countries release of shitajiki as of lower value than its Japanese counterpart - therefore DO NOT offer them up for ridiculously high prices.

As far as I know, there's only 2 mini shitajiki for the release of Saiyuki Reload Gunlock (Genenon edition) - came with the boxset, if there's more out there, I may be interested.

Also, if there's a kind soul out there who would like to scan me a pretty decent colour copy of the insert for Saiyuki Reload vol 5 - mine came without it :( you will have my eternal gratitude.

J-pop etc
NEED TO BE LEGITIMATE JAPANESE COPIES - may consider legit. overseas versions but NO bootlegs!!! - please state production companies.
Ayumi Hamasaki Albums - may consider - but please offer photo - I have a photographic memory, so can't really remember the titles of all the ones I have.
Lucifer albums/singles (couldn't be bothered to change the 'L') - the band that came about from the Kaikan Phrase anime - I have most (if not all), so please offer photos.

Trading cards
(see my trading card section)

Asian Drama
NEED TO BE LEGITIMATE LICENSED RELEASES!!! (no factory sealed etc excuses of bootlegs!)
- Mars - Taiwan drama - complete set - again - I AM REQUESTING Legit. item!
This is base on the Japanese Manga of the same name. Doesn't require any English subtitles
The X family & KO one & KO 3anguo - only looking for DVDs and again LEGIT. prefers English subtitled ones but I don't think there's any. <-- these are a bit harder to understand than your average mandarin ^^;

UFO catcher Plush
I only collect KKM and POT cosplaying plush
- POT - show me what you got! - keen on the red kimono versions though *except for Fuji*

- KKM mini bearbee plush set (see pic below)

Only looking for Gunter!
Must be in clean perfect condition with tag

- I'm also looking for the big version of the above (already have Conrad and Gunter, so am looking for the other ones).

Will Trade with items advertised in my journal or with $$
Please check out my
trading policy first!!


Region 1 Sailor Moon DVDs
Complete Legitimate SETs only!
They must be:

    • Season 1 & 2 Boxset from ADV - uncut and english sub only *low priority - possible if cheap*
    • Season 3 & 4 Boxset from Geneon - bilingual *low priority - possible if cheap*
    • 3 Movies Boxset from Geneon - bilingual *low priority - possible if cheap*
This isn't for me (got mine when it was not OOP) - this is for my friend - make your offers - including priority/insured shipping to New Zealand!

- MUST BE the Legitimate US versions (no factory sealed etc excuses!) - you will need to take photographs of the ACTUAL BOXSET you're offering to sell.
- In pretty good condition!
- Will not be accepting trades for this as I will not be paying for it - so you will be getting $$.
- Your offer must be pretty good ^~
- You must be able to accept Paypal, or some other form of payment that can take credit cards e.g. amazon gift certificates,. WE CAN'T SEND YOU INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDER.

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