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Sawwie-chan's Bits & Pieces

Anime / Manga Goodies Abound!

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Selling Information
Please Read Prior to Placing Orders!!!

General FAQ:

★ Prices: in USD (excludes shipping).

★ Holds: may consider on a case by case basis.

★ Location/feedback: I live in New Zealand and have excellent (100% positive) feedback as a trusted seller / buyer on Trademe (NZ equivalent of Ebay): My TM feedbacks, My Store feedbacks

★ How to order: request in relevant threads or email me [click/hold your mouse over 'email']

★ Discounts: I will consider if you are purchasing in bulk (please don't be offended if I decline your offer)


  1. Paypal (preferred) - As of October 2010, all prices of new items added to the shop will be adjusted to absorb paypal fees. All payment will be invoiced (unless otherwise arranged). Total (not inclusive of shipping) must be >$5. Anything less than that will incurr a small handling fee.

  2. Amazon webpay (trialing)- 5% off total items cost when using this method during the trial period. 15% off total items cost for purchases over $100 using this method.

  3. Electronic Gift vouchers - Amazon.com or Rightstuf (rounded up to the next whole dollar).

  4. Bank Transfer (only available for NZ bank account holders - in NZD). Preferred for NZ transactions.

  5. International Instant Money Transfer (Western Union/MoneyGram International - in NZD).

★ Good Communication: Please inform me when you pay (just in case I miss it ^~) or if you are no longer interested in an item.


★ I ship internationally - all items are located in New Zealand.

★ I mostly ship on week days, within 1 - 3 working days of confirming payment/availability.

★ I will notify you when the item is sent (alternately - please check here)

★ I am flexible with shipping options (but please note the disclaimer on lost/damage during shipping).

Shipping options:

Updated: October 2011, the international postage rate for parcels (insured airmail), registered airmail documents and express mail has increased dramatically. Please check below for new estimates. There was no announcement so I have no idea when this actually happened. Flat items shipped via airmail letters (uninsured) is still the same price.

Shipping is cheaper to Australia and New Zealand

You will receive a scan of shipping receipt with all insured shipping methods.

★ Flat items
    § Airmail letters - uninsured
    These are flat rate prices - with maximum weight limit of 200g.
  1. small letterpost - $2.10 (fits a few small post cards and loose trading cards - flat items only)

  2. large letterpost - $3.10 (fits up to 3 shitajiki, large post cards (or a lot of post cards) and clear files - flat items only)

    § Airmail parcel - insured up to NZ$200*** but no tracking number (see below 'non-flat items').

    § Registered airmail documents - insured to the value of NZ$250*** with limited online tracking.
    Must fit inside an A5 size envelope with maximum weight limit of 200g. Insurance to the value of NZ$250***
    $11.50 flatrate

    § Economy Courier documents - insured up to the value of NZ$2000*** with full online tracking.

    Only available to certain countries. Flat documents only! (e.g. clear files/shitajiki/postcards).

    $22 start (priced by zone and weight).

★ Non-flat items

    § Airmail parcel - insured up to NZ$200*** but no tracking number. Tracking number available for parcels over 2kg.
    (priced by country and weight). The minimum weight charged is 200g

    *Middle East / South America / Russia / Carribean Islands / African Countries - $10.50 start

    *North America / Pacific Islands / Asia - $9.50 start

    *UK & Europe - $10.50 start

    *Australia - $5.50 start

    § Economy Courier - insured up to the value of NZ$2000*** with full online tracking.

    Only available to certain countries.

    $35 start (priced by country and weight).

***insurance is for declared custom value.


Click here for my wishlist

★ For trades: I will treat this on a case by case basis. If we've never traded before, then I will not ship the items first. Sorry, this is to protect me from scammers. I will ship once items are received and confirmed.

Lost / Damaged / Returns / Customs Policy /Disclaimer:

★ I am NOT liable for lost/damage of items after shipping. If you are worried about this, please choose a shipping method that includes tracking/insurance.

★ I do try to pack the items to the best of my abilities (and limits of shipping method) so that damage during shipping should not happen. All parcels will be clearly marked as 'fragile' or 'do no bend' etc. If your country's postal service is known for manhandling parcels, please let me know first!

★ I have a no return policy (unless I made a mistake with shipping out the wrong item).

★ I am NOT responsible for items held at customs and any related levys incurred.

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